A Ridiculously Comprehensive Survival Game

By Julian Benson on at

While the long wait for No Man's Sky continues you may be looking around see what other games offer the same thrill of exploring an alien world. Planet Nomads looks like it might just fit the bill.

The game opens with you crash-landing on an alien world and getting thrown from the wreck of your spaceship. The world you've discovered is uncolonised, its wildlife is dangerous, and its weather is harsh. It's on you to salvage what you can from your ship and the environment to keep yourself in surplus of oxygen, water, and food. A weapon or two would be nice considering the planet's wildlife:


The developers have a huge range of features on offer. You can build sprawling buildings and huge vehicles out of 100 different building blocks:


Which you can then take out into the world:


And what a beautiful and varied world it is:


There's much more on show in the trailer:

Planet Nomads looks ridiculously comprehensive as survival games go — crafting, building, exploration, procedurally generated environments, space travel, multiplayer, combat, automated mining facilities, and lots, lots more.

A lot of these features are dependent on how much the project earns during its Kickstarter campaign but even if that were to fail the developers would do well to get Planet Nomads into Steam Early Access where it would surely mop up among the fans of Ark: Survival Evolved and DayZ.

No Man's Sky better hurry up because the competition is gathering strength.