A Beautiful British Adventure Game From One of the People Behind Tearaway

By Keza MacDonald on at

A couple of the people behind things like Tearway, Ratchet and Clank and LittleBigPlanet have just launched a Kickstarter for an adventure game side-project: Knights & Bikes. It's a collaboration between Rex Crowle of Media Molecule (who was creative lead on Tearaway), and Moo Yu, who's worked with Insomniac and Mm amongst much else. Their new micro-studio is called Foam Sword.

Crowle describes Knights and Bikes as "a hand-painted, Goonies-inspired co-op adventure about a gang of girls on peddle-bikes", which sounds pretty brilliant to me. Other inspirations include Earthbound and Secret of Mana, it's set in 1980s Cornwall, and one of the girls has a pet goose called Captain Honkers. Visually, it's definitely got something of that boundlessly creative Media Molecule style. Unsurprisingly, as Crowle is the studio's lead visual designer.

I somehow have little doubt that this will achieve its £100,000 Kickstarter goal. There are a few screenshots below - see more on the campaign page, if you're interested.

KnightsBikes_07 KnightsBikes_05 KnightsBikes_01