People are Getting Sick Playing The Witness

By Julian Benson on at

Jonathan Blow's new game, The Witness, is a thing of beauty but some players aren't able to spend too long on the painterly island before getting nauseous. According to threads popping up in NeoGAF, Reddit, and the game's Steam forum, after an hour of play some people are getting motion sickness – enough that they need to stop playing.

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Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 11.57.14

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 11.56.55

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 11.57.24

Happily, Blow has said that he's working on a fix:

This is far from the first game to cause motion sickness, though it's a phenomenon that's likely to become increasingly reported with the first wave of VR games released this year. I remember the Steam forums being filled with posts about the boat sections in Half-Life 2. Apparently they made some players deeply nauseous, to the point that some players just couldn't stomach playing through the section to get past it.

A lot of different elements can cause motion sickness. In Half-Life's case it was because it used a field of view of 75 instead of the usual 90. In other cases it can be because of a game's frame rate, colour balance, or resolution. Kotaku US' Luke Plunkett wrote about it back in 2011.

Hopefully Blow will have a fix out soon.