WWE 2K16 Isn't Getting Any Phenomenal Updates

By Ian Dransfield on at

In news that matters to me, and I'm here today so by association it matters to you, 2K Sports has revealed the Phenomenal One, AJ Styles, will not be making his way to WWE 2K16.

He's one of the biggest names in professional wrestling, at least on the non-WWE scene, and made his debut at the Royal Rumble this past Saturday. But he won't be added via any DLC or anything, as revealed on Twitter:

This is rather telling, that all DLC was 'locked in' earlier – showing that, in this case at least, DLC is not in the slightest bit a reactive, organic process. It's just another transparent marketing ploy: you will take what you're given, and that won't be AJ.

Or the Four Horsewomen. We do have Daniel Bryan, mind.

And there's always create mode, of course.