Why Yes, It's a Bunch of New Final Fantasy XV Screenshots (and a Livestream!)

By Ian Dransfield on at

In another piece of that classic drip-feed marketing, Square Enix has revealed the date for another Final Fantasy XV livestream.

The presentation will be over on the Square Enix Presents Youtube page, account, whatever I'm supposed to call it, and will be taking place at... umm... 4am UK time. Sigh.

In it there'll be details of the battle system and other things covered. It'll probably be interesting to anyone into that Final Fantasy XV stuff... you know, with it being about Final Fantasy XV and everything.

As well as the livestream date, Squenix has thrown out a few screenshots - though even the company does admit you've probably seen 'glimpses' of them before.

In them you can see brawling with weird rhino things, as well as... well, it's a stealth section. Concern levels rising. Have a shufty:

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