Destiny's Destiny Leads to Matchmaking Backtrack

By Ian Dransfield on at

Destiny is a video game you might have heard of, and it involves a lot of online play – including that thing called matchmaking.

A recent change to said matchmaking was meant to improve things when it comes to the ability of players you were matched with – favouring those of similar ability over other elements, basically.

This did, unfortunately, mean connection quality and speed was no longer at the top of the list, and many players have been complaining of lag, disconnects and all that bad stuff.

Bungie has responded by... well, going back on the changes. As covered in a community post, the changes will begin today at 10am PST (that's 6pm in the UK):

"Lord Saladin's battle for the Spark will feature new matchmaking settings that will assign more emphasis to connection quality. These changes will be made in an effort to reduce lag. There will still be some consideration given to matching you with worthy adversaries, but that's a thing we’ve done since Destiny first shipped."

So that's that, Destiny is entirely fixed! Wait, no, not that. But it is a positive step, which is something Destiny players sorely need right now.