Win the Chance to Live in a Cave, Because Marketing?

By Ian Dransfield on at

Do you want to win a stay in a cave, both to get a free trip to live in a cave and to help promote Far Cry: Primal? No? Yeah, me neither. But some people might want to, hence this:

If you're at least 18 and from the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium or the Netherlands you're able to enter this competition. Which is a real competition that exists.

Why would you bother? Well if you live in London you already know why: the quality of accommodation is at least 9,000% better than in the capital.

I've seen a few shitty caves around North London for about £2,500 a month, come to think of it...

But! the prize in full (which is a real thing) is as follows:


Best of all, nobody else is liable for serious injury or death if you live in Spain, Belgium or the Netherlands, because... I don't know why. Maybe Ubisoft hates Spaniards?

Rules death

I'm kidding, Ubisoft bloody loves Spaniards. Probably. It's like Acclaim never died. Ah, memories.

The full rules are here, if you're as sad as me and want to read through them all.