UK Rapper Sells PS4 to Fan For Five Pence (Cash)

By Ian Dransfield on at

I am in love with this story. A British musician has just - as in, today - sold his limited edition PS4 to a fan for five pence.

JME - Jamie Adenuga - is a UK grime artist associated with Boy Better Know, with a penchant for social media and eschewing the usual publisher/PR/management route, apparently. I'm not going to pretend to know loads about the chap's music, I just think this is very cool of him.

Why five pence ('cash only')? It's gone towards JME's quarterly bill to keep his Tesla running. And now I just can't stop smiling at that.

After offering the console to anybody in London - the price wasn't initially disclosed - and turning down a couple of chancers (Twickenham: too far. Victoria: you can afford to buy one full price), JME opted for a chap named Jacob in Highgate, North London.

And that's that - dude got a PS4 for five pence (cash), JME got himself noticed by idiots like me who know nothing about UK grime.

[via Noisey]