Nintendo's Late President to be Awarded with a Lifetime Achievement Award

By Julian Benson on at

Satoru Iwata, the late president of Nintendo, will be honoured with a Lifetime Achievement prize at the 2016 DICE Awards.

Iwata was president of the company from May, 2002 until his death from cancer in July, 2015. The Lifetime Achievement prize is not awarded yearly and is separate from the DICE Hall of Fame (which this year recognises the achievements of Hideo Kojima).

During Iwata's 13 years as president he oversaw the launch of the GameCube, DS, 3DS, Wii, and Wii U. He has also started the work on the Nintendo NX, the company's next console.

Previous winners have included Bing Gordon, Ken Kutaragi, and Doug Lowenstein.

The award will be presented on Febraury 18th at the event in Las Vegas.