The VR Games of 2016

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We've already written about the games we're most looking forward to this year, but that small selection doesn't cover the wealth of games that are aiming to release in 2016. So, in posts separated by genre, we're going to try to collect together every single notable game due out in the next 12 months. Earlier today we listed adventure games: now, it's VR games.

A note before we begin: it's likely some of these may not end up coming out in 2016, so we’ve not worried too much about that. If we’ve missed something off, it’s either because we’re not aware of it or it’s not been even provisionally scheduled for this year. As for the genres: it is increasingly difficult to pigeonhole games into one genre or another, varied as they are. We’ve been broad with the categories, rather than getting too forensic about classification.

The Climb

Your aim is simple: get to the top of the rock face whichever way you can. Jules didn’t expect to be so taken by a game about rock climbing but it’s the best VR game he’s played.

The Assembly

the assembly

A VR adventure-mystery game: you’ve been abducted by a shady science corporation and have to figure out what’s going on. Jules had a great time with it last year.


pollen 2016

Looking like a sci-fi movie out of the 70s, Pollen is a adventure game that sees you exploring an abandoned moon base to work out just what happened to its occupants.

Edge of Nowhere

edge of nowhere 2016

While also working on Ratchet & Clank, Insomniac is making a third-person VR game about a polar expedition gone awry.

Eve Valkyrie

eve valkyrie 2016

The VR game of many people’s dreams: dogfighting in space. It’s been in development since the first Oculus Rift dev kits were available, and it’s awesome to play. (Though Jules left his last hands-on with reservations.)


battlezone vr

Rebellion is rebooting the classic 80s arcade game, putting you in the cockpit of a tank in a future war. Except now, with full on VR, your view is going to feel more claustrophobic than ever.

Lucky’s Tale

At first glance Lucky’s Tale looks like Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Lucky’s a fox who looks a lot like Rare’s foul-mouthed squirrel but instead of fighting an army of nazi bears you’ll be jumping on enemies, avoiding spikes, and doing all the things we’ve come to expect in a platformer. This time though it will all be in VR.

Robinson: The Journey

Dinosaurs in VR! Crytek showed its adventure game off at Paris Games Week last year and it looks absolutely stunning. Jules has played a tech demo and he still goes on about it to anyone who will listen.

Wayward Sky

wayward 2016

An adventure game in a cartoonish steampunk world where you switch between first and third-person as you explore the world and stay out of the reach of patrolling robot guards.

Rez Infinite

rez infinite

The Dreamcast classic is returning, bringing its stylish rail shooting ways to the PS4.

Modern Zombie Taxi Co.

You are the driver of a taxi ferrying zombies around a colourful city and the zombies are simple ragdolls who tumble around the inside of your car as you race through the streets. I wish I could have been in the pitch meeting where this was signed off on.


chronos 2016

As you progress through Chronos’ challenge rooms, situated in an old temple, your character will age. In his youth he’s more athletic, becoming more powerful as he ages, and then weaker but wiser. It’s a fascinating concept for any game but I really want to see how it will play off the VR technology.

Job Simulator

Just how much fun can a game made up of menial tasks be? Well, it worked astonishingly well in Papers, Please, so maybe making sandwiches in VR will the technologies killer app. Job Simulator looks like it will have the same incidental laughs as Surgeon Simulator, where just trying to pick up a hammer was Herculean task.

World War Toons

A cartoonish, family-friendly take on World War 2 is certainly an odd way to approach one of the world’s largest conflicts but maybe it will be a brilliant multiplayer, class-based, VR shooter.

Eagle Flight

eagle flight 2016

Rather than just leave its full recreation of renaissance Paris lying around after Assassin’s Creed Unity, the team at Ubisoft has been adapting it for VR. You play an eagle soaring across the city with other eagle players.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

until dawn rush of blood

A major departure from the first game, which saw you trying to keep a gang of teenagers alive in a horror movie set up. Rush of Blood is a rollercoaster shooter that hopes to scare the crap out of you while you’re shooting things.

Ace Combat 7

If that scene in the trailer makes it into the game there will be living rooms across the country with sick-covered floors. Still, it’s Ace Combat in virtual reality. That could be brilliant.

The London Heist

the london heist 2016

Try to escape the police after a botched hesit. Using the PlayStation Move controllers and the headset you can look around inside your escape vehicle, reload your weapons manually, lean out of the car to fire on your pursuers, and duck down from their fire. It looks like it could be really immersive game.

Dead Secret

Dead Secret sees you exploring a mysterious house to get to the bottom of a mystery. Developer Robot Invader aim to scare you witless and if they manage it then it could be truly terrifying in VR.

Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin

psychonauts rhombus 2016

Double Fine’s adventure is a perfect fit for VR. It is, after all, a game about putting yourself into another world, only the other world is someone’s mind. Bridging the story between the original game and the newly-funded sequel you’ll be jumping through minds in search of Truman Zanotto.


golem vr 2016

A little girl controls a giant mechanical golem with her mind, a great analogue for you sitting in your room with PlayStation Move controllers and a VR headset controlling the game. Highwire Games hasn’t said much about the nuts and bolts of Golem but I’m keen to see more.

Damaged Core

A Tron-inspired shooter for the Oculus Rift. It will be an impressive feat if the developers can find a way to keep players from getting nauseous while playing a high speed shooter.

Radial G: Racing Revolved

Race a superfast, futuristic car down the outside of a cylindrical cable while dodging obstacles all along the way. This looks like a VR game to really make you sweat.

100 Ft. Robot Golf

100 ft robot golf 2016

Easily the best-named game of 2016. It’s pretty self explanatory, you play a 100ft tall robot who’s trying its best win a golf tournament. It doesn’t help that buildings keep getting your way but what of it, you’re a 100ft tall robot with a golf club: smash them down.

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