The Adventure Games of 2016

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We've already written about the games we're most looking forward to this year, but that small selection doesn't cover the wealth of games that are aiming to release in 2016. So, in posts separated by genre, we're going to try to collect together every single notable game due out in the next 12 months. Yesterday we did action games, fighting and racing games: today, it's adventure games.

A note before we begin: it's likely some of these may not end up coming out in 2016, so we’ve not worried too much about that. If we’ve missed something off, it’s either because we’re not aware of it or it’s not been even provisionally scheduled for this year. As for the genres: it is increasingly difficult to pigeonhole games into one genre or another, varied as they are. We’ve been broad with the categories, rather than getting too forensic about classification.

Zelda Wii U

zelda wii u

An open-world Zelda: just how good could it possibly be? We’ll find out later this year, assuming nothing drastic is happening behind the scenes at Nintendo.


Basically, this is Gravity: The Game. You’re an astronaut on a space station when it gets hit my an asteroid and everything starts to go wrong.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Wii U

twilight princess

Perhaps not the most beloved of the Zelda games, but one that was nonetheless formative for a lot of younger fans. If Wind Waker on Wii U is anything to go by, it’ll be a gorgeous remake.



Intriguing indie game in which you drive around Eastern Europe in a terrible old East German car just after the fall of the Berlin Wall, trying to keep the damn thing repaired.

No Man’s Sky

Hello Games has been teasing its mind bogglingly large, procedurally generated space exploration game for years and it has felt on the cusp of releasing more than once. It’s hard not to stay excited though: this is the game that has 8,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets.

The Last Guardian

the last guardian 2016 inpost

Back from the dead, The Last Guardian is the story of a boy and his eagle-cat-thing trying to make their way out of some ancient ruins. Can it possibly be worth the 9-year wait?

Kentucky Route Zero

kentucky route zero

The fourth part of this surreal point’n’click adventure has been in development since May 2014. Maybe this year we’ll finally be able to continue our exploration of this strange, mythic folktale of the American south.



You play a park ranger in a vast American national park on the lookout for any fires that may start during the hot summer. As the story progresses you begin to realise there’s something deeply suspicious going on.



Inspired by Poltergeist and 80s cinema, Oxenfree is an awesome-looking supernatural teen-drama adventure game, driven by the teen cast’s interactions with each other.

Day of the Tentacle Remastered


If you've already played Day of the Tentacle, your reaction to the news that it's being remastered would have been along the lines of "YAAAAAAAS!" If you haven't, man, are you in for a treat.

Return of the Obra Dinn

return of the obra dinn askldn

Travel back to 1802 and explore the deck of the Obra Dinn, an East India Trading Company vessel, and try to find out what happened to all of its crew. A first-person mystery from the maker of Papers, Please.

Night in the Woods

In Night in the Woods, you play college dropout Mae Bowoski (who happens to be a cat) to the mining town she grew up in. Exploring the town and meeting up with old friends you realise that something is amiss. It’s up to you to find out what.

Pokemon GO


An adventure in real life as well as in the game: the first mobile Pokemon game has you catching Pokemon out in the real world.


From the makers of Limbo, Inside sees you playing a boy trying to escape from robot overlords that have enslaved the human race. It’s like Limbo crossed with War of the Worlds.

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine

where the water tastes like wine

Set in the American South in a mythic version of early 20th century, it’s described by its developer as "a bleak American folk tale about traveling, sharing stories, and surviving manifest destiny." (Maybe Kentucky Route Zero will pick up the pace now that it has competition for the mythic American South setting.)

Quadrilateral Cowboy

Never one to be predictable, Brendon Chung, maker of Thirty Flights of Loving and Atom Zombie Smashers, is working on an alternate timeline ‘80s-style sleuthing game where you have to program your way past problems.

Telltale’s Batman

There is literally no information on this episodic Batman game from the masters of interactive storytelling. We’re excited nonetheless.

The Town of Light

Taking place in an abandoned Italian mental hospital, Town of Light sees a former patient coming to terms with her past treatment at the facility. The developers have done their research and the game will explore Italy’s complex history of mental health.

Fragments of Him


A game about dealing with death and grief, in Fragments of Him you play all the people affected by the death of the central character, Will, at the beginning of the game.


Eerie space adventure from the makers of Gone Home: you are a new employee who arrives on a seemingly abandoned space station, and you must figure out what happened.

Thimbleweed Park

thimbleweed park 2016

Properly old school point-and-click from THE Ron Gilbert, due out in June.

Crossing Souls

Subtitled “an adventure between life and death”, Crossing Souls is a very good-looking Kickstarter success set in 1980s California.

That Dragon, Cancer

A heart-wrenching game about a family dealing with one of the worst things imaginable: a child with terminal cancer.


caretaker 2016

A first-person adventure that takes place at the end of humanity. You've been tasked with a mission that will decide the fate of the universe but to complete you will need to explore the world, solves its puzzles, and survive its enemies.


A top-down adventure game set in the colonial India of Rudyard Kipling's book Kim. Rather than a fixed story, the world is procedurally generated but populated with characters from the book.


A wonderfully drawn roguelike that was first shown off at E3 2013, Below has been playable at events but rarely shown off online. Hopefully Capybara Games will finally start talking about it this year and, well, actually release it.

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