Podcast: Every Single Game* That Came Out In 2015

By Jason Schreier on at

Let’s talk about Games of the Year. And by Games of the Year we mean literally every game that came out this year.

Today on Kotaku Splitscreen, we’re going back through all of 2015 for a month-by-month breakdown of this year’s games, from Dying Light through Trails of Cold Steel. Although we didn’t hit every single Steam or iOS game—that’d be physically impossible—Kirk and I did do our best to talk about every major release of the year, whether or not we’ve actually played them.

In case you want to skip around: January (3:46), February (15:48), March (32:38), April (48:17), May (54:58), June (1:00:41), July (1:07:14), August (1:08:50), September (1:17:31), October (1:34:38), November (1:49:35), December (1:55:59)

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*may not be every single game