Want Dark Souls III's Prestige Edition? You're Already Too Late

By Kotaku on at

By Matthew Jarvis

It seems that a hefty price tag wasn’t enough to stop Dark Souls III’s top-tier Prestige Edition from selling out almost instantly.

Bandai Namco revealed earlier this month that next year’s closing chapter to the Dark Souls series would have three different special editions, including the £50 GAME-exclusive Apocalypse Edition and £100 Collector’s Edition.

Top of the pile, though, was the £300 Prestige Edition.

Seemingly discontent with the 25cm Red Knight statue offered in the Collector’s Edition, the Prestige Edition includes both that model and a numbered 40cm figurine of a Lord of Cinder – a familiar title to those who faced Gwyn at the end of the first Dark Souls.

The pricey version also includes an A4 Dark Souls Trilogy artbook, metal case, soundtrack CD, three iron-on patches, cloth map and display box.

Worth nearly £300? You can make up your own mind. But plenty of people decided to take the punt when the Prestige Edition finally went live on Amazon UK’s site.

So many people, in fact, that the SKU quickly sold out across all platforms – PC, PS4 and Xbox One. All three versions cost exactly the same – a rather random £292.11 (via Reddit user Kyuubi87).

If you missed your chance and are considering to import it from the US, there’s further bad news – for the moment, it seems like the Prestige Edition has only been announced for the UK.

The US will receive a Day One Edition of Dark Souls III, which comes with a Prima starter guide, soundtrack, special packaging and the game for $60. The only other special version is the $130 Collector’s Edition, which has the same contents as its UK counterpart.

At the time of writing, the Apocalypse and Collector’s Editions remain available for purchase in the UK.

Dark Souls III is due out on April 12th, 2016. Remind yourself of the pain ahead by re-watching its Japanese date trailer below.