Friendly New Mod Lets You Play GTA 5's Campaign With Pals

By Kotaku on at

By Jordan King

The modding community has done some wonderful things to GTA V on PC, and now you can play through the single player campaign with friends.

Simply called “Multiplayer Co-op,” the new mod by Guadmaz lets you invite players into the single player world as either Trevor, Michael or Franklin.

Now you can cause all the psychotic mayhem you want in Los Santos with online friends; albeit with a few technical issues. Framerate drops and general lag should be expected with all the explosions you’ll be causing.

It seems all of the story missions and side activities are playable co-operatively, but we aren’t sure how this might impact the game world. It could break everything, which is both an awesome and terrifying thought.

The mod technically isn’t hacking the game, so it shouldn’t compromise GTA Online. However, Rockstar are renown for tearing down user-created content that could screw things up.

Be careful if you plan on giving the mod a try, as you could always end up with a sudden ban.

The below video by LipskaGTA gives you an idea of some of the chaos you can cause with the mod enabled.

There are also plenty of handy tutorials online, if you fancy giving the mod a try.