The Counter-Strike Chicken Dress Actually Looks Pretty Good

By Julian Benson on at

Admittedly, I've only bought one dress in my life, but, to my untrained eye, this Counter-Strike-themed dress looks pretty great.

Taking the chickens that occasionally populate the shooter's levels, Valve has come up with two alternate designs.


Valve's designs are currently being voted on on Betabrand's site. Betabrand is a San Francisco-based clothing company that's partnered with Valve to produce and sell a range of Counter-Strike-branded clothes. Usually the designs are submitted by Betabrand's community, but in this case it's Valve who has submitted the designs. To decide which ones will go on to be made, the community will vote on its favourites. Now the substore has launched, BetaBrand invites anyone to submit a design idea to be voted on by the community.

There's a host of other items to vote on, though I don't think any match up to the chicken dress.

There's a Crystal Jacket:


A chicken-themed blouse:cs_go_gamer___s_blouse_3