The Cheapest Way to Access Every World in Lego Dimensions (UK)

By Julian Benson on at

Lego: Dimensions is a pretty amazing video game that ties together physical toys with a virtual world. Using the model dimension-spanning gate you get in the starter pack, you scan Lego models that grant you access to game worlds and characters to play with.

These toy aren't cheap, though, as we pointed out earlier this month. The starter pack alone costs you £80. If you bought every toy in the range available then you'd end up paying more than £350. However, you don't need to buy everything to access every open world area in Lego Dimensions.

The cheapest way to access absolutely every open world area in the upcoming Lego Dimensions game is £183.50 - and that’s in addition to the £80 Starter Pack, bringing the total cost up to £243.50. FamilyGamerTV's Andy Robertson broke it down for us:

  • Fun Pack Doctor Who, Cyberman and Dalek £14.99
  • Fun Pack DC Aquaman £14.59
  • Fun Pack Ninjago Lloyd  £14.59
  • Fun Pack Chima Cragger £14.59
  • Fun Pack The Simpsons - Bart £14.59
  • Fun Pack - Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch of the West £14.59
  • Fun Pack Back To The Future Doc Brown £14.59
  • Portal - Level Pack £26.99
  • Jurassic World - Team Pack £26.99
  • Scooby Doo Team Pack £26.99

Buying these additional packs will get you access to every world area, but to access everything in those areas you will need to buy every toy available, because their particular special abilities will let you overcome the obstacles blocking your path. So, in summary, whatever you do, it's going to cost you.