Mad Max's Just Cause Easter Egg is Super Depressing

By Julian Benson on at

Rico seemed like a tough egg. In Just Cause 2 I had him dive out of a plane, grapple hook onto a passing helicopter, strap a couple of explosive barrels to the whirlybird and then crash it into an enemy army base before then shooting my way back out again. But, when it came to Mad Max's apocalypse, the hero of Just Cause didn't have what it takes to survive.

Avalanche Studios, makers of both Just Cause and Mad Max, have slipped an Easter Egg into their apocalyptic sand box that tells what happened to the character in Max's brutal world.



It certainly looks like Avalanche is paying homage to its brave, foolish, explosion-loving hero – the parachute and the grapple to the car are the big tells.

The find was sent into us by, Rob, one of our readers. He also shared the location if you'd like to pay your respects to Rico yourself.


I hope this wasn't a massive spoiler as to how Just Cause 3 will end.