The Witcher 3 Cost 53 Million Quid to Make (Which is Still Quite Cheap)

By Ian Dransfield on at

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt did gangbusters for CD Projekt Red, and rightly so - it was bloody great. But such bloody greatness does come at a cost... one that isn't actually that much when compared to other entertainment blockbusters, including games.

The Polish studio's RPG epic came in at a still-rather-crikeylicious 306 million złoty, which comes to around £53 million (or $81m).

Compared with the likes of Star Wars: The Old Republics reported £130m ($200m) budget, GTA V's rumoured £172m ($265m) or the crazy claims around Destiny's £325m ($500m) price tag, the Witcher 3 seems quite cheap.

That lesser outlay - which is still a lot, I feel the need to point out - hasn't led to lesser returns for the studio. Nor have the other elements that we loved about the game's release - detailed here. It's a resounding, relatively cheap, success.

You can see all the details in this presentation, if you want. I don't want, because it's already bored me half to death - even with the super-interesting big numbers being thrown around.

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