Silent Hill's Composer is Touring the UK this Halloween

By Ian Dransfield on at

Konami is bringing Silent Hill to the UK, but not in the way you would expect - pachinko. No, this is a musical tour bringing series composer Akira Yamaoka to our shores, where he will play music from the series with the help of a backing band.

It's Silent Hill: The Band, basically.

Considering Silent Hill is known for having brilliant music, this is a nice thing to think about heading to - and for once it's not a London-only thing. While the tour will stop off at the capital on November 1, it also hits Bristol (Oct 29), Cardiff (Oct 30), Southampton (Nov 2) and Manchester (Nov 3).silent hill live

Tickets to the shows vary in price from £22.50 through to £27.50 (before booking fees) - you can find them here, though they're not on sale until Friday, September 11.

No surprises it's the London show where things are the most expensive, because obviously all of us here are millionaires so an extra couple of quid doesn't matter and we can all swim through our money-piles Scrooge McDuck style before we...

Sorry, got a bit lost there.

Speaking of aimless rage - how does this make you all feel when it comes to Silent Hills? Konami still licenses games and events based on the series, but it ain't makin' you a new game - at least not the amazing-sounding one we had promised.

It'll be a bittersweet sets of gigs, I think.