Kingdom Hearts 2.9 Might Actually be a Thing After All

By Ian Dransfield on at

An interesting new development in the 'what the hell is Kingdom Hearts 2.9' saga has come to light, as a profile has been discovered, purportedly of someone who worked on this very oddly titled game. Check the screengrab, crafted with my own fingers:kh 2-9

Brought to light by KH13, I'm taking it with a pinch of salt for now. There's also some interesting Kingdom Hearts III details in there, if you're so inclined. Again, taken with a pinch of salt.

This does, though, tally with a weird slip Square Enix made at E3 this year, when the publisher listed Kingdom Hearts 2.9 as being shown off alongside KHIII. One plucky person snapped this shot before mention of the game was scrubbed:square enix presents kh 2-9

So it's not a name without some history, much as it might seem like a simple typo.

I went and did some digging myself to find out who this was on LinkedIn - believe me, even though the person's name is hidden (and in the interest of fairness, I'm keeping it that way), it's not hard to find them from the information still shown - and it does appear this profile is indeed a thing.

There's a legit background on the profile - it all checks out from what I can find, the only element that left doubt in my mind is that the person only has a couple of connections on the business social network. It could just be someone really going to great lengths - writing out an entire profile (twice, because it's also in Japanese) that's entirely accurate to a real person's career, just to troll the world.

Stranger things have happened. But backed up by Squenix's own slip back at E3, and the fact this person features Kingdom Hearts 2.9 on their own personal website [screengrab here], one can't help but wonder. I've contacted Square Enix for comment, and will update should the publisher reply.

UPDATE - 11.10am

Well that was quick - Square Enix replied with this official comment, telling us nothing (in a totally expected fashion): “We do not comment on rumour or speculation”