Activision Will Send You a Free USB Flash Drive for Destiny*

By Ian Dransfield on at

*With caveats

Destiny's latest patch, leading us into the Taken King, is out there - I know this because I've seen people complaining about how gargantuan a patch it is on Twitter.

One set of people who will have a real problem with these huge downloads, though, as previous-gen Destiny owners. Yes, they exist, and no, they shouldn't be forgotten just because they're in a minority.

See, Destiny's patch on Xbox 360 is a sizeable 10GB, while on PS3 it's a ludicrous 20GB. As such, Activision and Bungie have both warned players with 20GB models of each console - without a storage upgrade, you won't be able to install it.

So in steps Activision which, according to Gamespot, is all set to shower the few users who are hamstrung by this irritatingly large patch with 32GB USB hard drives containing the patch data.

For the time being it doesn't actually solve any problems, as you can't just plug them in and have the console or game recognise the patch data. Perhaps you can install the data from the stick, but then if you could do that before you likely would have done anyway (unless you wanted a free USB stick, you naughty bugger).

But wait! There is a patch coming at some point soon which will allow Destiny to be played with some files installed on external media, like, say, a USB flash drive. It's almost as if the publisher thought this through...

The offer is open only to players who are active on their accounts, and it expires the day the Taken King releases - so get in there if you need to. The offer isn't available in every country, unfortunately, but have a check if yours is on there.