It's Official: Destiny's Story Was 'Substantially Revised'

By Ian Dransfield on at

We've already covered how ex-Bungie composer Marty O'Donnell lost his job at the studio. The case, however, has also revealed some other interesting elements - like that Destiny's story was 'substantially revised', in part causing a delay to the game's release of around a year.

The reveal comes in court documents, posted up by Venture Beat, which detail a number of behind the scenes elements. Obviously. But one of the most interesting elements is how it confirms the story changes.

"Although Destiny was planned for release in September 2013, the story was substantially revised beginning August 2013," the documents say, "Requiring a new release date of March 2014 and edits to much of the work previously completed.

"After a brief vacation/sabbatical in early fall, O'Donnell returned, worked on the story and recorded dialogue, but wrote no additional music. His supervisor and the audio team did not consider him to be fully engaged in the work of Audio Director. For reasons unrelated to O'Donnell's performance, the release date was again moved, to September 2014."

That's paragraph 10 of section II - 'Factual Background' - if you're interested in seeing the words with your own eyes. They're the same words I used a second ago.

The rumours about the story being changed have been bandied around for a long time - you can see a bunch of them here - but it was never more than hearsay. Even if nobody in their right mind would ever think Grimoire cards were a good way of telling a story.

But now we know, and knowing is half the battle. The rest of it is staying awake through Peter Dinklage's voiceovers. Hurry up, Nolan North, all is forgiven.

[Thanks to Videogamer]