Everything in Dishonored 2's Trailer is in the Game, Including Ceramic Robots

By Julian Benson on at

E3 is often chock full of awesome trailers showing off things that could never be done before in games. Then the games come out and you realise that none of those awesome things made it into the final game. We've written extensively about this in the past.

That's not the case with Dishonored 2.

Remember that stunning E3 trailer? Everything in that is in the final game.

“One of our values last time, that Raph and I just fought and fought for, was everything you see in that trailer you can do in the game,” Arkane's Harvey Smith says in a new video. “All of the moves that Corvo has in the first one, the powers and all that, the way it works - the same.”

The same principle has been carried over into Dishonored 2.

That office that's made out of piston-powered panels, that's a location called the Clockwork Mansion. The man who lives there is the Grand Inventor of Serkonos, the island where all game is set. He's a student of Anton Sokolov, the head of the Academy for Natural Philosophy (and not a very nice chap in the original Dishonored).

Those clockwork robots are in the game, too, as is the ceramic version we see smashed into tiny fragments.

It's fascinating to hear Smith talk about a game so influenced by the setting the team chose. The island of Serkonos has to import all its whale oil, so anything that runs on the fuel is reserved for the elite. The island has rich silver mines, large woods, and wind power generators, so instead of the grime we saw in the original Dishonored, in Dishonored 2 there will be lots of finely crafted, clean objects. The automata guards you encounter later in the game are made of rich, strong woods – much sturdier than the ceramic.