Welcome to the Past: Super Hexagon on the Game & Watch

By Julian Benson on at

When Super Hexagon came out it stole my life. My evenings became devoted to surviving longer and longer in its quickly constricting maze of patterns. I'm pretty sure it's to blame for some of my less than stellar final exam results. It's a good thing it came out in my final year of uni and not when I was younger, or else I could have written off my entire academic career.

Kai Clavier has envisioned what a 1980s Super Hexagon might have looked like. He's demade Terry Cavanagh's twitch racer into a game for the Game & Watch. You can play for free over on Itch.io (via BoingBoing).

This isn't the first demake Super Hexagon has received. Paul Koller made a version of Cavanagh's game for the Commodore 64. It even has a simplified version of Chipzel's soundtrack.