Physics Puzzler Has a Community of Mad Geniuses

By Julian Benson on at

Your aim in Poly Bridge is simple: build a bridge that's strong enough to carry waiting cars across a river to their destination. Yet on that simple gameplay foundation, players have come up with some genius solutions.

Some of the players' solutions are elegant creations:

elegant bridge

Image credit: KerbalrocketryYT.

roll bridge

Image credit: Pidiotpong.

Underpinning each level is a physics system which sees bridges buckle and collapse if they're subjected to too much weight. Usually this is bad, but some players have started to work broken bridges into their solutions:

break bridge

Image credit: PM_ME_A_PIZZAROLL.

The blend of physics, engineering, and a GIF generator has seen the Reddit community go nuts.

swing bridge

Image credit: Mittentroll.

Not everyone goes for the masterpiece, some players just build what's needed to get the job done.

jump bridge

Image credit: Karmacist.

tip bridge

Image credit: Iwajira.


Image credit: Colonyyy.

jump bridge 2

Image credit: Xotice.

Poly Bridge has been in Steam Early Access since the end of June and it's coming along really nicely as it heads towards a September release window. Updates have added new levels, new features, fixed bugs, and added new tracks to the soundtrack.

If you've been looking for a physics-based bridge building puzzle game (who hasn't) you should definitely check it out.