Arm Wrestle Fish in The Old Man Club

By Julian Benson on at

The Old Man Club is a game about showing creatures of the sea (and a lion) who's boss, using nothing but your burly arms. One by one you challenge them to a duel, take them into a back room, and click your mouse frantically until one of you has their arm flat out on the tabletop, limp with defeat.

Yes, you are competing in the most masculine of pursuits: an arm wrestle.


OK, in truth, there's a little more going on here than arm wrestling fish. The Old Man Club is a strange interpretation of Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea.

The classic book follows an old man battling for three days to reel in a marlin; something developer Michael Koloch has captured perfectly with the frantic endurance clicking in The Old Man Club. Each of the book's major themes and symbols is represented by a different burly fighter. There's the marlin itself, the lion is reference to the old man's dreams of his African childhood, and the sharks are the sharks which dogged his catch all the way back to harbour.

While that's all there, and it's a great take on the book's themes, I'm just really happy I beat a whole string of fish (and a lion) at arm wrestling.

the old man club

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