Yu Suzuki Still Wants Your Shenmue 3 Money

By Ian Dransfield on at

At the time of writing, there are 13 hours remaining on the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter. The thing we never thought would happen is almost done, it's the most highly funded videogame ever on Kickstarter and the game we had mostly given up on will be made.

But $5.56 million (£3.56m) raised – again, at the time of writing – isn't enough, and Yu Suzuki and his team want more, more, more! Ahem. If the game raises another $44k it will reach the next stretch goal of "new Kickstarter record", because in the world of Shenmue 3 that's an important mechanical feature of the game that needs to be added, even if it has already beaten Bloodstained's record of $5,545,991.

What do you mean it's not something in the game? Oh, right. Well, regardless, only a miracle will see Shenmue 3 bag the ten million dollars Suzuki said it needed during this campaign. On to post-KS funding, methinks.

For some reason nobody's taken advantage of the annotations feature on YouTube to put a link to the Kickstarter in the video. Also a sentence is repeated immediately, meaning somebody didn't check to make sure there was nothing clashing like that in a 55-second video.

I mean, I'm not saying this is the End Of Gaming as we know it, but it's a bit slapdash for something that's on the cusp of getting more money from Kickstarter than any game before it has.

I guess Suzuki's mind is on other things. Like sailors.