Total War: Warhammer's First (In-Engine) Trailer is Here

By Ian Dransfield on at

Who wants to see an in-engine trailer for Total War: Warhammer? You in-engine do? Well then here you in-engine go!

I've been a mite facetious here, as Creative Assembly has gone above and beyond when it comes to explaining just why this new trailer is so heavily branded with the 'in-engine' mark - it's all about being clear to everyone what's actually being shown off.

The studio has promised in a thread on its forum that all future trailers and videos for its games will be labelled one of "gameplay", "in-engine cinematic", "in-game cinematic", "cinematic trailer" or "livestream", so we all know just what it is being shown off.

Is it too much of a conspiracy theory to point out that Sega was the publisher behind Aliens: Colonial Marines, a game that cost the company over a million dollars in settlement fees owing to its 'false advertising'?

Well, at least we'll know for sure what we're seeing in Total War's trailers.