A Tattoo Artist is Trying to Tattoo All 151 Original Pokémon

By Julian Benson on at

Pokémon was a big part of Alicia Thomas's childhood but, as she grew up and went to art school, she found a new way to embrace the game as an adult: by tattooing the original 151 onto people's flesh.

"It started when I was tattooing one of my regulars," Thomas told Vice. "We were about the same age, talking about our childhoods. We were both pretty nerdy. We were just talking about growing up with Pokémon, and we made a joke that 'Oh, you should tattoo all of them,' and then we kind of laughed, and then we looked at each other and said, 'No, this should actually be a thing.' "

Since then, she would guess, Thomas has tattooed nearly 130 of the original 151.


Image from Vice Via Thomas.

While she has used social media to show off her work, most of Thomas's clients have come from word of mouth.

The first tattoo she gave was Scyther (I heartily approve, Scyther looked awesome) then Bulbasaur, and Haunter.

Despite having tattooed nearly 130 of different Pokémon, Thomas doesn't have one of her own. Though, that will change. "I want to wait through the whole project," she said. "Then I will be getting my favorite one which is Bulbasaur, and I'd like to get a Poké Ball with it as well, to signify that I completed the project."


Image from Vice.

tumblr_nq7vkdU9U81ra9jufo1_1280Image from Alicia Thomas's Tumblr.

Personally, I'd be tempted by that Sandshrew or maybe a Kabutops. Oh, too many to choose from.

Top image also from Alicia Thomas's Tumblr.