A God Game Where You Control Through Commandments

By Julian Benson on at

The god game genre's been sorely lacking in recent years. Curiosity Godus is, so far, a disappointment, Idol Hands was interesting but broken. From Dust and Reus are probably the best examples but even they had their problems. Now Eat Create Sleep is having a crack at it with Crest.

However, while Crest looks like Populous, it's a little more hands-off:

Instead of directly controlling your followers, your only means of influencing them is to construct commandments for them to follow. Each commandment is a condition, action, and target. You can say for instance, 'When hungry hunt animals'. Or, 'When unhappy hunt animals'. Or 'When pregnant hunt animals'. There are other targets but that's the sort of god I am.

The key conceit of Crest is that these commandments can be interpreted differently by different followers. If you villagers only hunted antelope then the lions, now without prey, will get hungry and will attack your villagers. If your villagers kill all the lions, though, the antelope population will grow and eat your crops.

Right now, Crest's still in Early Access and will be until at least December. Each month between now and release the team plans to release a new module that will greatly change the game's simulation. For instance, in August, the team is releasing more symbols, which will greatly increase the number of potential commandments you can create. In September, each city will start acting as a separate faction that will form alliances or fight with one another. Your commandments can be interpreted differently by each, or ignored, depending on how closely they follow your commands.

I'm really liking the sound of Crest and hope to write up some thoughts on the Early Access build soon.

For now, here's the latest trailer: