Travel the World, Steal Treasures, and Cuddle Mummies in Renowned Explorers

By Julian Benson on at

Having recently played through the Uncharted games I've developed an urge to travel the world stealing historical artefacts in an adventure pitted with fantastical creatures. I'd almost given up on this desire when I got an email from Abbey Games, the makers of Reus. The team's new game, Renowned Explorers, sounds just the ticket.

I loved what Abbey Games tried to do in its last game Reus. It was a god game where your role was to manage the development of various conflicting factions. If the factions grew too fast then they would become aggressively expansionist, attacking their neighbours–which made it more difficult to complete your objectives. It was a god game that encouraged a gentle touch. In practice, though, the game wasn't as much fun as I'd hoped: your time was spent micromanaging instead of feeling powerful and godlike.

Renowned Explorers doesn't look like it has that problem. It's the 19th century and you're a junior member of the International Society, a group of explorers who plunder the world for lost treasures for wealth and prestige. So, you're basically Indiana Jones. Expeditions are filled with encounters that play out as turn-based battles akin to the Final Fantasy games, but instead of bashing enemies you can choose to charm them or try and scare them away with insults.

There's a mysterious factor called 'attitude-based gameplay', which evidently means that the way you complete missions has a long term effect on your standing in society. Violence will get you a reputation for ruthlessness, while insults can make you a tyrant, and charm can make you appear manipulative. Assuming those personality traits actually affect anything, this could be interesting.

Renowned Explorer is due out on September 2nd, 2015.