EA Will Delay Star Wars: Battlefront if it's Not Good Enough By November

By Ian Dransfield on at

When Star Wars: Battlefront is released, it will be without major issues. It will work. But it might not be November 20, as stated by EA, if the game isn't up to scratch when this date rolls around.

Speaking with MCV, EA's COO Peter Moore was asked if such a major title for the company could actually be delayed. After all, if a Star Wars game was pushed back it would likely miss both the Christmas sales period and a handy tie-in with the first Star Wars film released in a decade, The Force Awakens.

"Well you can’t ship it if it doesn’t work or the quality isn’t right. You just bite the bullet. Trust me, shipping Battlefield: Hardline in March was not the easiest thing to do from a business perspective, but it was the right thing to do from a player perspective.

"We’d have no compunction, no hesitation that if something went wrong with Battlefront, if it wasn’t right, we would just push it."

This is the new approach from EA in the wake of the months-long debacle that was the Battlefield 4 launch (on PS4 primarily). It's also an approach that's saying 'when our game is released it will be of a standard suitable for release', which is a shocking indictment of the times. But hey, what can you do?

For his part, though, Moore assured folks that Battlefront will not be getting any kind of delay: "The game is playable with 40-players already, and it is rock solid, so it ain’t going to happen."

I hope it does hit its date, and I hope it is bloody great, otherwise I might just cry until 2016.