The Nintendo World Championships Had Some Amazing Moments

By Keza MacDonald on at

Nintendo held the Nintendo World Championships last night (although it was actually more like Major North American Cities Championship, but let's not get too bitter), pitting contestants against both each other and a huge range of Nintendo games new and old, from Splatoon to Super Metroid. It was all pretty good fun, and Reggie getting pasted at Smash Bros and then laying down some brutal smack-talk anyway was entertaining, but he final challenge was undoubtedly the highlight. The two finalists had to make their way through some Mario Maker levels created by Nintendo Treehouse staff.

They were hellish nightmares.


The competition highlighted how much fun can evidently be had in Mario Maker when you subvert Mario level conventions. Here's the competitors making their way through what first seems to be pretty similar to 1-1. But here, everything you may ever have learned about Mario means nothing.

It didn't end there; the next three levels were, if anything, even better. Things got wild. It was the middle of the night and at one point I thought I'd just started hallucinating.


Things just kept escalating and escalating. The tension was unbearable and completely mad shit just kept happening. You can see the whole thing below - it's a long watch, but it's great entertainment.