Tracking Where a Mouse Moves While Gaming

By Luke Plunkett on at

Over the weekend, Gking19 posted the results of an interesting experiment: tracking the movement of the mouse through their favourite video games.

Most were played for around 30 minutes (TF2 being the exception), and it’s fascinating looking at just where the mouse travels most often, and where it comes to rest.

Tracking Where A Mouse Moves While Gaming

Take Company of Heroes, for example: if you didn’t know the map was in the bottom-left, and/or that it’s very important to click on the map often, you do now.

Tracking Where A Mouse Moves While Gaming

Here’s Team Fortress 2, which is pretty much just lateral mouse movements snapping back quickly to the centre.

Tracking Where A Mouse Moves While Gaming

And here’s Ultimate General: Gettysburg, a game where you control all the units on the actual battlefield, with almost no HUD or menu to speak of.

You can see the rest of the results here (the image at the top of the post is Minecraft).