The Way That Yoshi's Woolly World Uses Amiibo is Unfairly Adorable

By Keza MacDonald on at

Just when we all thought that Nintendo's weapons-grade cuteness had reached critical mass, this trailer reveals how Amiibo are used in Yoshi's Woolly World. It is horribly adorable.

There are already squillions of different knitted Yoshis in Woolly World, all with different patterns - there's one hiding in every single level of the game, and you have to find five hidden yarn balls to unlock them. But as you can see, if you have some Amiibo lying around, you can unlock even more.

If you touch a Yoshi Amiibo to the touch pad, you can play with two Yoshis on-screen in single-player mode, which will help you unlock some secrets if you haven't got a friend handy.

Over 40 different Amiibo are compatible, Nintendo says, though it hasn't listed exactly which ones. Obsessive Amiibo collectors will have a fun time finding out.