Fantastic Boyfriends Coming to the UK

By Julian Benson on at

Lifewonders' Fantastic Boyfriends is an homage to classic JRPGs. You play Yuji Ono, a guy pulled from his apartment in modern day Japan into a fantasy world under threat from an ancient evil. It falls to you to root out this villain but, on the way, you'll meet a string of male love interests.

Originally only released in Japan, Lifewonders is currently localising Fantastic Boyfriends for an international release in the Apple and Google app stores.

Lifewonders opened its doors to make games to entertain the LGBT community, as there are very few RPGs with exclusively gay protagonists and characters.

Looking through Fantastic Boyfriends' character page, I love the colourful anime style the team has gone for. It makes for a really approachable mobile RPG. Check out Orgus the horny ogre:

And Gordon the drunken barkeep:

Lifewonders is already working on the localisation but it says it can complete the work faster if it successfully completes its Indiegogo campaign.

I look forward to giving Fantastic Boyfriends a try but also to see what Lifewonders release next.