Brazilian Pirates are Loading Up PS4s with Copied Games

By Julian Benson on at

A set of shops in Brazil have started offering to load up PlayStation 4s with ten pirated games for £60.

Essentially, the shop loads up a PS4 with legitimate copies of the games and then an image of its hard drive is transferred onto the target console, writing all the game data over its hard drive.

According to Wololo, the technique being used is similar to an account sharing exploit previously used by pirates. However, with that exploit there was a limit to how many times a single console account could be shared: the new technique can be used repeatedly.

brazil ps4

Using a Raspberry Pi, the stores have even managed to find a way to retain the target PS4's account details. This means that after its hard drive has been loaded up with games you can still use your original PlayStation account.

The stores sell additional games for £9.50 but you have to first free up room on the hard drive by deleting some of the original games.

We've contacted Sony to see how they plan to address the exploit.

Update - 12:12:

Sony has responded, saying "Not limited to this case, SCE continually collaborates with organizations from US/Europe/Asia to take preventive actions against unauthorized/malicious copying of PlayStation software in individual regions."