Wolfenstein's Big New Weapon is... a Pipe

By Julian Benson on at

MachineGames released Wolfenstein: The Old Blood over the weekend and the big reveal, the unique selling-point, the killer feature of this standalone prequel is a pipe.

Yes, in the hands of BJ Blascowicz, the Allies' one-man army, a humble pipe can be used for clonking enemies over the head, scaling the walls of Castle Wolfenstein, lobotomising Nazis, breaking down walls, and fixing leaky plumbing.

(I'm still trying to get my head around how strong you would need to be to single-handedly stab a blunt pipe into a brick wall, using it as a pseudo-ice pick.)

Ok, there are some other new weapons, too. For instance, the shock hammer, which is a double-barrelled, semi-automatic shotgun that can be dual-wielded for twice the fun.

But, in my mind, the pipe's the real hero.

The Old Blood's already out as digital release and will appearing in on May 14.