Destiny's New Maps Look Positively Sumptuous

By Julian Benson on at

Bungie has started to lift the lid on its next Destiny expansion, House of Wolves. The developer has published details of the four new maps and some sumptuous screenshots to give a little taste of what to expect on May 19.

There are four new Crucible maps in House of Wolves: Thieves' Den, Widow's Court, Black Shield, and (exclusive to Playstation players) Timekeeper.

Set on Venus, Thieves' Den is a large symmetrical battleground shot through with perilous crevasses. You can get the drop on the enemy by exploiting these alternate routes but it's easy to get caught out on a gangway without cover.

Centred around an abandoned Martian military base, Black Shield is a symmetrical map packed with choke points.

Widow's Court is set back on Earth near the European Dead Zone. Set in and around an deserted village you'll find yourself caught up in tight street-to-street fights.

Like Black Shield, the Playstation exclusive map, Timekeeper, is set on Mars but, instead of a being a uniformly symmetrical military base, it's structured around an eccentric spiral. The tight corridors should pull players together into close quarters battles.

The other addition in House of Wolves is the new 3v3 elimination mode, Trials of Osiris. And these fetching Egyptian-themed battle suits. They're quite Stargate-reminiscent:

destiny osiris gear

Destiny: House of Wolves is due out on May 19.