PSN's Arcade Sale: Here's What to Buy

By Ian Dransfield on at

I genuinely feel sorry for our younger readers, who weren't able to experience the arcade in its heyday. Yes, they were dark, sweaty, smelt bad, often had dodgy people in them and resulted in fits of violence if the wrong person lost a bout of Street Fighter II Turbo – but they were brilliant.

Also in my memory they've turned sort of into the arcade from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, or Robocop 2, all late-'80s/early-'90s 'badass' with headbands and denim and smoking and... man, I miss the arcade.

Anyway, Sony has a new sale on PSN, focusing on arcade games, as well as those arcade-like games you see pop up. There's 90 deals on the table (though some are bundles, so not 90 different games) and I've picked 10 you should have a look at. Trust me, I know my arcades - they had giant talking rats in them, robotic police officers, turtles who knew ninjutsu...


NAMCO Fighter Collection - £7 - PS3

soul calibur v

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Soul Calibur V for £7 Umm... yeah, that's a no-brainer. Two excellent 3D fighters for the price of two pints/a pint (delete as appropriate, depending on if you live in London or not).


Power Stone Collection - £2.40 - Vita/PSP

power stone

I still maintain this is one of the best reasons to own a Vita (or PSP). S couple of the Dreamcast's best games in one little package, ready to brawl away for hours on end. For this price, it'd be stupid not to.


Super Hang-On - £1.48 (PS Plus) - PS3

super hang on

Going a bit more retro, Super Hang-On is one of those rare cases where an arcade racer from the '80s is still absolutely brilliant fun to play. I'd put this up there with Outrun, I honestly would. For £1.48 though, it doesn't really matter even if I am wrong.


Capcom Arcade Cabinet : All-In-One Pack - £3.75 - PS3

capcom arcade cabinet

I was putting off buying this – a collection of 17 of Capcom's arcade games – until the price came down to about a tenner. Instead it's gone to less than a fiver. They're not all classics, but for this price what does that matter? NOSTALGIA BOMB.


Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ All You Can Eat Edition - £6 - PS3

pac man championship edition dx

Purists will argue for the original Pac-Man, or maybe Ms Pac-Man, but hand-on-heart I think Pac-Man CE DX is the best version of the classic game ever made. It's Pac gone score attack, and it's utterly compulsive.


Metal Slug 2 - £3.70 - PS3

metal slug 2

Try playing this and not constantly shouting "ROCKET LAWWWNCHA" for the rest of the day. Go on, I dare you.


The House of the Dead Bundle Pack - £6 (PS Plus) - PS3

house of the dead overkill

The death of the arcade wasn't the sole reason light-gun games stopped coming out as much, but it's still sad. They were great, and this collection of the House of the Dead games (including Overkill) will remind you why.


Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara - £4.20 - PS3

dungeons and dragons chronicles of mystara

One of those games you played on holiday in Bridlington once in your childhood, only to half-remember the rest of your life and not be able to describe in succinct enough detail to convince your friends it actually existed, it turns out Chronicles of Mystara did exist, and the scrolling beat-'em-up/RPG is actually brilliant.


Ridge Racer Type 4 - £2 - PS3/Vita/PSP

ridge racer type 4

PSone-era polygons aside, this is a game of real style and confidence from Namco. Ridge Racers may have come after and surpassed it in almost every regard, but there's still a hell of a lot going for Type 40 – mainly the upgradeable cars with the engines hanging out of the boot. Brilliant fun.


Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition - £3.60 - PS3

street fighter iii

One of the world's best fighting games, spruced up for the modern generation (though you can turn all the doo-dahs off) and with a solid online framework – and now for three-hundred and sixty pence? I'll take five, cheers.


The sale ends May 6, so remember: May the sixth be with you! Wait, that's wrong...