See Alan Wake's Lost Sequel

By Keza MacDonald on at

Five years ago, Finnish developer Remedy was hard at work on a sequel to its 2010 Xbox 360 exclusive Alan Wake, but it never saw the light of day. New footage from its concept stages, published by Polygon, shows a "more experienced player in the secret war against the forces of darkness".

In an interview with Polygon, creative director Sam Lake explains that a sequel (or several sequels) was always part of the plan for Alan Wake. "For Alan Wake, from the get-go, we assumed there was going to be a sequel and we mapped things further out when it came to character, story, details and focus changes. We knew we would have to iterate and refine, but there was always a rough road map there.. More or less straight from getting Alan Wake shipped, we were working on a sequel and planning on a sequel."

Many of the gameplay elements and new enemies that were originally planned for Alan Wake 2 ended up in the Alan Wake's American Nightmare spin-off, which came out in 2012. But Remedy hasn't entirely given up on Alan Wake, it seems: Sam Lake expresses hope they the studio will be able to return to its under-explored story at some point in the future, presumably after its new Xbox exclusive Quantum Break is done.