FIFA World Isn't Making it Out of Beta

By Ian Dransfield on at

FIFA World was meant to be the football game that brought down the walls between us all, uniting us on an equal playing field (which was also on a playing field in the game). It didn't matter if you didn't have a console or high-spec PC, you could play this free-to-play online version of the game.

As of July 14, though, nobody will be able to play FIFA World. The game's 18-month beta period has shown those who make the decisions at EA Sports that this isn't a project it can justify continuing with.

The announcement on FIFA World's official site said:

After a beta of nearly 18 months, an enormous amount of feedback and some great times with our players, we just didn’t have the momentum to bring the game to a full commercial launch.

Existing players will be able to spend any remaning FIFA points they have in their account, but you won't be able to purchase any new ones; I'd assume any that are left when the game shuts down are gone forever.

You also won't be able to register a new account, so those of us who wanted to actually try FIFA World for the first time now we've been reminded it exists – ironically via notice of its closure – are out of luck. Darn.

The news of the closure goes hand-in-hand with that of other EA F2P titles being shut down, some of which have made us quite sad.