The Animal Crossing Browser Extension is Music to Our Ears

By Ian Dransfield on at

Have you ever wished you could listen to Animal Crossing's frankly amazing music while going about your daily internetting?

As whipped up by NeoGaf user Andrex, the Animal Crossing Music extension slips straight into Chrome and takes you on a journey of twinkly dog-guitar as you browse the world wide web.

It's not a new thing (plus there's been a site around that pulled in all of Animal Crossing's music for a few years now) but the fact you get all the music, together, in an easy to use extension means it would be daft not to bring it to your attention.

You can choose to hear tracks from the original Animal Crossing all the way through to New Leaf, and the music played is always appropriate to the time of day on your system. Just as it would be in the game.

You can even set the extension to automatically play K.K. Slider's tunes at 10pm on a Saturday, which is far easier than bothering to turn the game on (where you would inevitably end up fishing for three hours, anyway).

[thanks, Destructoid]