Rockstar Deals With GTA Cheaters in a Very GTA Way

By Patricia Hernandez on at

Earlier this month, GTA players found an exploit that let them bring a rare single-player only car into GTA Online. Today, Rockstar patched the issue—but they did it in the most hilarious, unexpected way possible.

Now if players try to use the car exploit, they’ll be greeted with a giant explosion the second they try to get into the car. There’s no way to survive the explosion, either, as you can see in this video by xKoingWolfx. Rockstar could have simply gotten rid of the car, or made it impossible to bring into GTA Online—you know, like most developers would. Instead, Rockstar had some fun with fixing the exploit and surprised everyone in the process. Amazing.

A GIF, for your amusement:

Rockstar Deals With GTA Cheaters In A Very GTA Way

(Via r/GrandTheftAutoV)