10 Ways Remote Play From Sony Will Change The Way You Game Forever

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This is a sponsored post presented by Sony Xperia.

Remote Play is one of the greatest features of the Xperia™ Z3 series - the ability to play games away from your TV and console using a home WiFi connection.  With the Xperia™ Z3 series from Sony you can enter a whole new world of playing on the go; game where before there were no games, and push the very boundaries of what you thought possible. Possibly.

But it might not be totally obvious just when you would be able to take advantage of the Xperia™ Z3, Xperia™ Z3 Compact and Xperia™ Z3 Tablet Compact's life-changing Remote Play capabilities. We've got 10 suggestions to help you grasp just what’s possible.


Now there's always enough room (in hell, or other places)


The smallest room in the house? Squeezed on end of the sofa? Relegated to the spare room when friends visit? Sometimes there just isn’t enough space to fit in your PS4, TV and a really nice comfy chair. So that’s where something like Xperia™ and Remote Play can help. As long as there’s enough room for elbows, you can get in a game of BattleField Hardline. Whether that’s perched on a stool or hiding away in the broom cupboard. As long as you’ve got the gear you can game.

Because the football’s on and you can't/won't watch it


For some reason not everyone wants to watch football. It might be that your better half has a film they want to see or, worse, your beloved team is performing like a disaster movie with goals. So if you can’t see the match, or prefer to live on in ignorant bliss, why not fire up Remote Play using an Xperia™ Z3 Tablet Compact and join a real winning team on Destiny to take on Crota's End.

When there’s no more friends to spam with Candy Gem Burst Collector 3000, life can still go on


You want more lives, of course, but there comes a time when you have to switch off that free-to-play time sink and load up something else to fill your time with fun. So do it - exit out, load up Remote Play via your Xperia™ Z3 Tablet Compact device and jump from a world of bright, exploding sweeties to one of dark, exploding zombies as you Burton your way through Barry's campaign on Resident Evil Revelations 2.

Finally, you can bewilder and astound that elderly relative going on about ‘their day’ with the future


We've all been there - a grandparent, in-law or other fundamentally dour relative convinced that the main fault with everything at any given time is that it isn’t 38 years ago. Why not blow the minds of your present day-averse friends by running Nidhogg via Remote Play? The Xperia™ Z3 Compact will change how they see the world forever, but at least the game itself is retro-looking so the culture shock won't be too absolute.

Now you never have to face reality...


Sometimes, certain things are inevitable, and none of us want to go through the pain of a 'Dear John/Jane' conversation if we can avoid it. So avoid it with denial. Screen that incoming call when you know it's due, get Remote Play booted up and when you're asked why you didn't answer the heartbreak you have a cast-iron defence: "I was playing Bloodborne on my Xperia™Z3”. You'll still get dumped, but you'll get to have fun and you won't have the lingering memory of taking that awful call.

You can now be the best and worst friend at once


You’re there for them, you really are, but sometimes they do go on and isn’t pretending to listen basically the same as actually listening? So make a friend’s incessant chatter about their problems more bearable by booting up Remote Play on your Xperia™ device and make progress in The Order:1886.  Just remember to nod occasionally and tell them everything's going to be alright.

To hide that 'gamer tan'


We gamers have something of a reputation for being a mite pasty, which is sometimes a fair estimation.  But we can work together to counter that by sitting out in the sunshine (when it finally arrives) and getting to carry on with the gaming action we just can't be without. Slather on that sun tan lotion, pick a good spot in the garden and boot up Driveclub through Remote Play to work on your tan and racing lines at the same time. Just make sure your WiFi connection is strong enough.

Now you can game and cook food at the same time


Whoever said a watched pot never boils has clearly never actually cooked. If you’ve tried to rustle up a meal and play games at the same time you’ll know exactly how much smoke a small amount of bacon on fire can make (spoiler: a lot). So, if you need to eat but don’t want to step away from your PS4, Remote Play paired with an Xperia™ device from Sony means you can tackle dinner and Grim Fandango at the same  time.

You can pretend to help, while helping yourself


Sometimes you need to think of a reason why you might be looking at your phone for extended periods and blocking out the world. Easy, just pretend you’re doing the weekly shop online. So using this pretence - and throwing in some subterfuge - we can extrapolate that you could sneak in a quick game of Spelunky with  Remote Play at almost any time or place. Just remember to mute the sound, or occasionally ask if you need carrots.

And, finally, you no longer have to worry about the ever encroaching heat death of the universe


The inevitability of the end of everything has been known to paralyse some people with that sense of doom and pointlessness. But life isn't for being wracked with this fear - it's for playing games. So pick up that Xperia™ Z3 device, get Remote Play up and running and use the calming influence of Shadow of Mordor to help you forget about the tragedy of inevitability. Oh, and to get some revenge on your Uruk nemeses of course.


If you want some slightly more down to earth but no less incredible examples of how Remote Play and the Xperia™ Z3 series can change the way you game, then come down to our Sony Xperia™ event where you can try Bloodborne, drink beer and win prizes.