Nintendo Ruins Everyone's Fun

By Ian Dransfield on at

The Unity remake of Super Mario 64's first level – that one we told you to go and play on Friday – has been inevitably served with a takedown notice from Nintendo's lawfolk.

Developer Roystan Ross admitted he'd taken some assets – certain sounds and character models – directly from Nintendo's Mario games, so it's unsurprising the legal eagles have swooped in.

Even with Ross's own creations: animations, levels and so on – and even though it's a proof of concept, rather than an ongoing project, and isn't for profit – it's not enough to save the Unity version of Mario 64 from a breach of copyright claim.

Links have started drying up, though you can still download the level from the creator's site. It's fair to assume that'll disappear soon enough.

Shame, this is a cool little experiment.