Team Fortress 2 Fan Film is the Best Action Movie I've Seen in Ages

By Nathan Grayson on at

Got 20 minutes? Cool, that's enough time to watch one of the funnest action movies I've seen in ages. And yes, it was made in Team Fortress 2.

Live and Let Spy is the latest mini-film in The Winglet's "Fedora Chronicles" series, which also includes The Bolted Behemoth and Operation 2Fort. You don't need to have seen those to understand or enjoy Live and Let Spy, though.

This one opens with slinky, feather-footed spy antics, but it's not long before over-the-top cartoon action becomes the order of the day. It's all really nicely choreographed, with some excellent physical comedy baked in for good measure. A new Source Filmmaker classic, for sure.

While I recommend sticking around for the whole thing, you can jump straight to the great stuff by checking out the big confrontation followed by an all-out war (12:40) and the tense duel between the red Spy and the blue Medic (17:20). Enjoy! And maybe say a few quick words of thanks to The God of Necks for your own bony head stalk's structural integrity, given the number of strangely easy neck snappings in this thing.