Reddit Mods Asked to Sign League of Legends NDA

By Ian Dransfield on at

The League of Legends subreddit has a closer relationship with Riot Games than might have been thought, it has been revealed.

As posted on Daily Dot, a number of the sub's moderators have signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with Riot; and NDA is a legal document that puts certain restrictions on what a person can talk about, while at the same time allowing privileged access to something.

The 'something' in this case is a Skype room with some of Riot's staff, in which the mods are able to relay information to the LoL team,  as well as get the odd nice titbit to share with the community.

Riot released a statement to Daily Dot, stating that the NDA and Skype rooms were in order to facilitate a healthier service for players and fans – provding a closer, quicker route of communication, basically.

"The NDAs are in place so we can protect player privacy and have meaningful conversations around security," the statement read, "Riot has a clear internal policy that Reddit is a channel for players by players and we are guests there."

Signing an NDA doesn't break any of Reddit's rules, so long as the moderators aren't taking any cash from Riot for mod-related action.

You can see a page from the NDA right here. It looks like dozens of other NDAs I've signed in my life, to be honest. Maybe it can help take some of the mystique surrounding them away?

Admittedly, some are sure to see the term 'NDA' and immediately be on the defensive; it's not an acronym with the best of reputations in gaming, after all.

But it does look to be something that's beneficial to the fan community: sure, the mods won't be able to reveal the deep, dark secrets behind LoL and Riot, but they'll get access to more than they otherwise would. That has to be a good thing for the community.

Just so long as there isn't any naughty censorship going on behind the scenes, of course.

What do you folks think? A beneficial move? One that raises questions about independence? Something else altogether? Speek youre branes below.