Payday 2's Going to be Around for at Least Two Years

By Leon Hurley on at

Hands up if you're still playing Payday 2? You're in luck as Overkill's just announced a further two years of "free updates, paid DLC’s and awesome campaigns."

The extra lifespan's due to 505 Games extending its "strategic partnership" with Overkill, and paying $5 million for a 2.67 per cent stake in the studio. It's that five million which is presumably paying for all that extra Payday 2.

Here's a statement from Starbreeze's global brand director Almir Listo:


We’ve seen many of your comments already. At OVERKILL, we are still celebrating. If you’ve been trying to steal cars in the Car Shop Heist or have been avenging Hoxton all day, this might be news for you. Let me get you in the loop:

We are going to support PAYDAY 2 for two more years!

Yes! We are very excited about this. We love working on PAYDAY 2 and look forward taking care of our game for two more years, making new free updates, paid DLC’s and awesome campaigns together with the community. This is possible because we signed a new deal together with our publishing partner 505 games. Thanks to them, we can continue focusing on making PAYDAY 2 better and better.

On behalf of the rest of the crew, thank you everyone for your support through the years! We wouldn’t be where we are without you guys! We will honor your support by continue supporting PAYDAY 2 for two more years.

Alright! We have a lot in store for the rest of the year and have no time to rest.

Let’s do this!



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