Want a Free Copy of Bloodborne? Give Us Your Blood

By Richard Wordsworth on at

Actually, don't. But if you do want to get hold of a free copy of Bloodborne (or one of a selection of other, unspecified PS4 games), happen to be around on Monday next week (March 23rd) and happen to live in Denmark, then you're in luck. Also: thank you for reading Kotaku UK.

PlayStation Denmark has partnered up with Danish blood donor organisation givblod.dk to offer a free game as a reward for taking part in its blood drive.

Anyone taking part will also be entered into a prize draw to win a PS4. Which is easily worth a few quarts of claret.

If you do find yourself in that teeny-tiny intersection of the gaming-geographical Venn diagram, you can find more details on the givblod.dk page as translated by Google, and on the original page here. The campaign was conceived to drum up more male blood donors, but as far as we can tell, there's nothing saying you have to be male to be eligible.

(Note: we've had this all translated by a living, breathing Danish-speaker, who assures us it's legit).